IoT Device Makers

What We Do

Eden Worth based in Australia makes IIoT devices currently for Sigfox and LoRaWAN networks, providing low power IIoT hardware, simplifying sensor and device interface to the IIoT


Using our team of highly experienced engineers and channel  partners, we work closely with clients to develop and implement customised and practical end to end solutions as quickly and inexpensively as possible. Contact us for more information.

Note: Device use for mission critical, life support, livestock monitoring is at end user discretion. We have endeavored to test our devices for generic use cases,

We will not be liable for loss or damage using our devices without express written approval from an authorized company officer.

Our Experience

circuit board  IOT V4.png

Eden Worth has over 20 years experience in designing leading edge solutions to help solve both simple and complex client problems and bridging the gap in the implementation of real world hardware and firmware solutions.

To truly understand the IIoT space, you need to get your head around issues concerning hardware design, best sensors for the job, software design, network connectivity, analysis of large and complex  datasets, systems integration and importantly the challenges of real world implementation and deployment.

Eden Worth has been closely aligned with the journey into the fascinating world of the Industrial Internet of Things and has the proven know how and capability to provide customised end to end solutions with relatively quicker speeds and lower costs to deployment.

Our IiOT Solutions

As an experienced IIoT device maker, we can help with hardware for solutions for a range of practical applications including ...

  • Smart water flow measurement and monitoring

  • Gas metering applications

  • Asset tracking (of high value items) for security, distribution and logistics applications

  • Farming stock management tracking and monitoring

  • Farming water supply level monitoring and alert systems

  • Weight or liquid (tank) monitoring and management

  • Water leakage by detecting liquid presence outside tanks and pressure variations along pipes

  • Waste management by detecting rubbish levels in containers to optimise rubbish collection routes

  • Air quality monitoring in buildings

  • Structural health by monitoring vibrations and material conditions in buildings and other structures

We are currently working on a new website with real world use case applications but to give you an idea of what you can do with the Eden Worth range, see these use cases for LoRAWAN which are equally applicable to Sigfox and other LPWAN technologies.